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This resource was designed to be used as a lesson on using appropriate (or expected) behaviors and good manners during distance learning, teletherapy sessions, or video calls in general. This resource can be used to:


•Provide an overview of virtual conversations (or video calls) and similarities with face-to-face conversation (pages 3-5 for older students, pages 6-7 social story version)


•Allow the student to recall or come up with rules/manners for video calls (page 9)


•Teach or review video call rules or expected behaviors– the basics (page 10)


•Teach or review video call rules or expected behaviors– for using good manners (pages 11-12)


•Discuss situations that might arise during video calls and whether they can wait or if they need to be addressed right away, discuss how to address problems politely (page 13)


•Identify and state what is wrong with video call behaviors using photos (pages 14-28)


•Identify scenarios that are examples of good/bad manners (or expected/unexpected behaviors) during video calls, discuss others’ feelings and courses of action (pages 29-38)

Video Call Rules

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