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Hi, and welcome to Spiffy Speech! 
Hi, and welcome to Spiffy Speech! 

My name is Holly and I'm a speech-language pathologist who has been working for two pediatric private practices in the Washington, DC area since 2008. Most of my sessions have been conducted via teletherapy since March 2020.

I work with children of all ages (including the under three population) as well as some adults. While I see most of my clients individually, I also run some articulation groups and social/language groups including a social group for young adults. I especially love working with little late talkers, addressing /r/ and other challenging artic errors, and targeting word retrieval skills.

I'm in a unique position where I get to order materials for my offices including games, books, resources, and prizes. For that reason, I've gotten to try just about every toy/game in the Target toy aisle and love making product recommendations* to other SLPs/educators or parents! 

I started Spiffy Speech when I was in grad school designing SLP-themed t-shirts and gifts on Cafepress. I uploaded my first design as a joke and was shocked when someone had actually ordered it! I now focus on designing educational speech therapy resources including games, mini lessons, and interactive stories which are available for download in my resource shop, Teachers Pay Teachers store, and on Boom Learning.

My first book, Let's Go Puppy! is being published by Ninewise Publishing with an expected release in February 2023! Some of my favorite things (besides puppies and writing) are drinking iced coffee year-round, going to the beach, ordering mozzarella sticks at every restaurant, reading young adult fiction/fantasy, and learning web/graphic design. My boyfriend Brian works as an employment specialist for individuals who have disabilities. We adopted two pandemic puppies (both foster fails) named Ivy and Maisy, and their antics keep us very busy! 

Thanks so much for visiting my page and feel free to reach out with any questions or comments below or on Instagram (@spiffyspeech)!

*I belong to Amazon’s affiliate program, Amazon Associates. If I post a link to an Amazon product on my Facebook page or on this website and you choose to purchase the item through that link, I will earn a small commission from the sale (at no additional cost to you).

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