Books Written By Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs)

Updated: Nov 23

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My first children's book, a baby board book focusing on early words and sounds, is due to be released sometime in 2023 (eeek!) through Ninewise Publishing.

Since the world of writing/publishing is pretty new to me, I've been really excited to connect with other SLP authors!

I decided to put together this giant list of books that were written by SLPs because:

1) I love when SLPs support one another. If you buy any of these books, consider leaving an Amazon review or sharing about it on social. Instagram accounts have been included so you can follow the authors.

2) There are many reasons SLPs make incredible writers: We have exposure to a wide variety of picture books, know which picture book features lend themselves well to addressing speech-language skills, and get to see how children react to different stories/elements. We also have specialized knowledge in areas like phonemic awareness, vocabulary instruction, and training families to support speech-language development.

3) The world could use more SLP authors, so if writing is a dream of yours, I thought this might serve as some inspiration to get started!

Please note: I have decided not to include SLP textbooks or workbooks due to sheer volume, but recognize that there are many more phenomenal SLP authors out there not listed below!

If you're an aspiring or published SLP author, definitely check out the Facebook group SLP by Day, Author by Night, run by SLP authors, Tali Kellerstein and Rebecca Eisenberg.

Happy reading!


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Baby/Toddler Books

Let's Go, Puppy!

by Holly Rosensweig, SLP

@spiffyspeech &


Follow Puppy throughout his day while learning early, functional words and other skills such as pointing and gesture imitation! Includes tips for parents and a list of the earliest-developing speech sounds. This interactive board book is perfect for little ones ages birth to three!

What Are They Doing? A Fun Book of Animals and Verbs

by Molly McIntyre, SLP

The animals in this book will help your child develop simple sentence structure, are especially helpful for Autistic children and children with language delays, will develop English language skills, and will delight early readers!

Moon Time Rhymes

by Molly McIntyre, SLP

The pages of this book come alive and are so soothing to you and your little ones. Yumiko East beautifully illustrated these nursery rhymes created for the joy of the sounds themselves. You and your children will love story time together with this brilliantly crafted children’s book.

Let's Go to the Bear Parade!

by Molly McIntyre, SLP

Big Bears, Little Bears, Pink Bears and more! Another hit with littleones and early readers. This charming book pairs early adjectives or qualities with delightful bears who go on parade. It helps young children describe their world!

Talk with Me! The Big Book of Exclamations 2

by Teri Kaminski-Peterson, M.S. CCC-SLP

This book is filled with carefully designed illustrations which immerse infants and toddlers in the rich language that surrounds in their familiar environments and daily routines. The books are designed to promote speech sound development and imitation of gestures, sounds and words.

Say Aaah!

by Dianna S. Cook, M.S. CCC-SLP


Feed a monster friend and be ready to open wide with a yummy-yucky variety of food surprises, color and rhythm. Enjoy interactive fun with vowel sounds while stimulating early speech and language development. Perfect for ages 2 and up!

Mirriam-Webster's 150 First Words

by Claire Laties-Davis, M.S. CCC-SLP

For toddlers ages 0-3. Provides opportunities to learn essential words and one-, two-, and three-word phrases connected to 90 everyday objects found in daily activities/routines. 150 single words and short phrases are introduced, then along the border of every scene a photograph of each item is presented as an additional search-and-find activity.

Baby Actions: Baby on the Go Series 1

by Alpin Rezvani, M.A. CCC-SLP & Debbie Shiwbalak, M.A. CCC-SLP


What better way to encourage language from your children than using this Baby Actions book created by speech pathologists! This book is perfect for ages 0 months and up... it's never too early to expose them to language learning! Provides an innovative way of learning actions words. Includes these actions: bathing, biting, bouncing, coughing, crying, drinking, drooling, eating, flying, hugging, kicking, kissing, laughing, looking and playing.

This is book one in the Baby on the Go Series by SLPs Alpin Rezvani and Debbie Shiwbalak. Other series and iBooks/eBooks written by Alpin Rezvani and Debbi Shiwbalak, including Fruits, Vegetables, Toddler Actions, Environmental Noises, Consonants, Vowels & Diphthongs, Baby Feelings, and Ways to Promote Speech & Language can be found here.

Our Little Adventures: Stories Featuring Foundational Language Concepts for Growing Minds

by Tabitha Paige, M.S. CCC-SLP


Written and illustrated by SLP Tabith Paige, the three children's board books in the Our Little Adventures box set take parents and toddlers or young children on trips to the farmers market, the forest, and a wildflower meadow.

Wishy Washy: A First Words and Colors Book

by Tabitha Paige, M.S. CCC-SLP


This book features strategically chosen first words that include a child's earliest developing sounds, such as m, b, p, t, etc. Also includes guidance on how to foster your child's speech and language development as they grow. Available April 19, 2022!

Oh No! Poo-Poo

by Jennie Bjorem, M.A. CCC-SLP


Beautifully illustrated repetitive board book on a topic that all children love, poo-poo! Filled with functional consonant-vowel consonant-vowel words, you won't believe where Colby's dino goes potty! Your child will giggle while predicting what crazy spot the poo-poo will be in next! Great for toilet-training as in the end, the dino uses the potty!

Oh No! Pee-Pee

by Jennie Bjorem


Beautifully illustrated repetitive board book on a topic that all children love, pee-pee! Filled with functional consonant-vowel consonant-vowel words, you won't believe where Livi's puppy goes potty! Your child will giggle while predicting what crazy spot the pee-pee will be in next! Great for toilet-training as in the end, the puppy uses the potty!

Baby Zoo: The Book of Colors, Numbers and Shapes

by Margaryta Kuzmin, SLP

This board book follows the story of an accident with paint at the zoo with baby animals. The painter figures out a simple solution to get all animals clean and save the day. Your child will learn the name of each animal, colors, numbers, shapes, emotions and other important concepts.

Let's Talk, Baby

by Stephanie Ciatti, SLP


Turn your baby's babbles into words with Let's Talk, Baby by Stephanie Ciatti. As a Speech Language Pathologist and mom, Stephanie has created a fun and foundational baby book to support speech development starting day one!

Can You Drink a Dinosaur?: A Yes/No Book for Young Talkers

by Cara Tambellini Danielson


Children learn to answer yes/no questions, learn to speak in sentences, and learn to think critically about scenarios. Children learn to answer basic yes/no questions by comparing silly scenarios to real scenarios: (Can you throw an elephant? NO Can you throw a ball? YES Can you eat a house? NO Can you eat an apple? YES) Children will be laughing and learning as they read this book.

View other books written by SLP Cara Tambellini Danielson including Easy to Say First Words, What can We Do?, and First Book of Verbs here.

Oh No!

by Laura Prestia, SLP


The book takes you through four different scenarios, each targeting early developing sounds. It focuses on common vocabulary words and uses repetitive two- to three-word phrases for practice. The book uses large, easy to follow text and simple illustrations to capture attention.


by Yael Herszkopf Mayer, M.S. CCC-SLP


This book will help your child learn action words such as eat, sleep, brush, jump, dance, read, and many more! It is part of a collection that also includes an educational video and an animated song. To watch the videos and hear the songs go to or visit the Learning with Yaya YouTube channel.

View other books by SLP Yael Herskopt Mayer including Opposites, Categories, Sounds, and Colors (as well as Spanish versions of each!) here.


Picture Books

Liam's First Cut

by Taye Jones, SLP


In her debut children's book, "Liam's First Cut, Taye Glover weaves together the beauty of fatherhood, community, and neurodivergence as Liam, a black boy with an autism spectrum disorder, approaches a big rite of passage: his first haircut.


by Stephen Groner, M.S. CCC-SLP


"Life's not always smooth, it's not. Sometimes things get stuck. S-s-sometimes a lot." So begins the story of two children who stutter and get stuck in their speech. Written by a person who stutters turned SLP, "Unstuck," with it's down-to-earth prose (stutters included!) and bright illustrations is the story every child who stutters needs to hear to be left with the most important message of all: hope.

Ella Bella Just Can't Tell Ya

by Hallie Sherman, SLP


Meet Ella Bella, an adorable young girl struggling to find the right words to say! Follow along as she learns and practices a strategy to help her get her point across. Ella Bella Just Can't Tell Ya will entertain children while teaching them vocabulary and word retrieval strategies.

Phil Fly's First Flight

by Gabriell Lucchese-Hood, SLP

@gablab.slp & @philflyflies

Phil, a fly, is often misunderstood as a pest. However, he is actually a friendly little guy who loves to take in sights and go on thrilling adventures. A nomad, Phil is off on his next journey to find a temporary home. Amidst his travel, he stumbles upon a strange place he’s never seen before. The accidental discovery he makes changes his life forever in the most amazing way.

This is the first installment in SLP author Gabriell Lucchese-Hood's Phil Fly series. Find more adventures with Phil here!

Nia Skye's Friend on Wheels!

by Keylonda Wheeler, M.S. CCC-SLP


Nia Skye attends her first play and it changes her life forever! Follow her journey of fun with her new friend, Ariyah. Nia Skye and Ariyah show each other kindness and respect. Even though they move about the world in different ways, one thing they have in common is the superpower of PURPOSE! This beautiful story of friendship helps children and grown ups alike begin talks of disabilities, mobility devices, and allyship.

SLP Keylonda Wheeler's next book, Mrs. Key Key's Speech Room is available for pre-order as of 3/01/22! Click here to view it at

Most Exceptional Me

by Tiffany Malas, SLP & Lauren Maerz, SLP


Sam has out-of-this-world dreams for himself and he just started kindergarten. While he’s looking forward to learning many new things, Sam wasn’t prepared for all the challenges he would face along the way. With a little help and encouragement from his teacher, he learns to explore his emotions so he can do anything he sets his mind to.

Perfectly Poppy

by Tricia Stone-Shumaker, SLP


When the other chickens make fun of Poppy's crooked beak, he is left feeling sad and bleak until Remi takes Poppy on an enlightening journey. The unlikely duo meet a range of new friends who all have something that makes them different. Poppy's travels will introduce children to the beautiful world of inclusivity and show them that being different is what makes them truly exceptional.

Aiden Goes to Speech

by Lisa Mortensen, SLP

This is a story about a little boy who, due to his speech difficulties, struggles with feelings of confusion, frustration, and even isolation, until he is introduced to a fun class called Speech. it is appropriate for any young child – certainly those who are experiencing speech difficulties, but for others too because it touches on how other children react to those who experience speech problems and opens up discussions on understanding and acceptance.

How Does Bunjee Feel?

by Josie C. Mott, M.S. CCC-SLP


The first in the You Tell Bunjee Books series, this book is meant to be interactive, encouraging readers to tell the character something. It uses repetitive phrases and pauses to encourage participation. Toddlers will feel empowered when given a turn (ex: "You tell Bunjee ____") and will want to imitate single words and phrases. They will also learn labels of emotions, colors, and actions.

The Monkey Balloon

by Rebecca Eisenberg, M.S. CCC-SLP & Mindy Winebrenner, M.Ed.


This book takes children on an adventure of a young girl's quest to find her Monkey Balloon. Mimi and her father use their imaginations to take them on a journey of what-ifs, until they find what they are looking for. The bright and engaging Illustrations help create a story that children will choose to read again and again. Language and learning tips are provided at the end of the story.

View Rebecca Eisenberg and Mindy Winebrenner's second book, A Tale of The Monkey Balloon here.

My Second Year of Kindergarten

by Rebecca Eisenberg, M.S. CCC-SLP


Do you have a child or student who is repeating kindergarten? This book tells the story of a young boy named Peter who discovers progress, support, and triumph when repeating kindergarten. This book was designed with a specialized font to assist children that may have reading disabilities.

View other books written by Rebecca Eisenberg here.

Party Animals! A Wild Collection of Speech Sound Poems

by Tali Kellerstein, SLP


This read-aloud book of playfully illustrated poems features an energetic array of animals. Includes a collection of 21 alliterative animal adventure poems, designed to highlight each speech sound through a LOT of repetition – the best way to learn! The back of the book equips everyday readers with information about speech sounds.

A Doll for Me

by Andrea Coke, SLP


What does she do after searching EVERYWHERE, only to find that doll after doll, they ALL look the same?? Determined to not settle, Molly finds the solution to this big problem herself! Every child deserves to see themselves represented in books, toys and dolls. Grab this fun story today and support diversity learning for kids!

View another book by SLP Andrea Coke in the Molly Morningstar series, Carnival Girl here.


by Michele Pollak, M.S. CCC-SLP


During her first moment of crisis as a mom, Dana finds out how capable and heroic she can be. With humor and intriguing details, Dana's adventure as Octo-Mommy captures the attention of moms and children of all ages.

Lola Koala's Travel Adventures

by Dr. Tinita Ortega Kearney, SLP


Lola Koala is an explorer who loves to travel the world. Join her on her many adventures as she helps your child to develop foundational language skills along the way! Each "Lola Koala's Travel Adventures" book is designed to teach children (ages 2-6 years) a specific language skill. check out the many useful resources and companion items here!

Never Stop

by Bethany Johnson, SLP

This book celebrates the incredible accomplishments of kids: they dream big, they get up when they fall down, and they give each day their best. Serves as a reminder to Never Stop living a life full of amazement and wonder, but most importantly, this book encourages each child to Never Stop being themselves. The illustrations and words highlight children of various abilities to promote inclusion and diversity.

Sammy Goes to Speech

by Marissa Siegel, SLP

In this fun book for youngsters, Sammy wants to communicate, but can't. Sammy and his family go on a hunt to find his voice. After looking everywhere, they end up at a speech-language pathologist's office. Along with his stuffy, Mr. Monster, Sammy and his Mom learn new ways to develop his speech and language skills.

Cackle: Friendship, Belonging and Being Yourself

by Freya Magennis, SLP

This is a lively fairy-tale aimed at early readers. Perfect for 5-8 year olds, it's a fun, quirky read and is a celebration of laughter in all its forms! The story explores friendship, belonging to a community and the importance of being yourself.

My Brother Otto

by Meg Raby, SLP


This is a child-friendly, endearing, and fun picture book for children about the love, acceptance, and understanding a sister, Piper, has for her little brother Otto, who is on the autism spectrum. The book provides explanations for Otto’s differences and quirkiness in an easy-to-understand language, and highlights Otto’s desires for adventure and love―just like his peers.

If Feelings Take Over

by Danielle Nichols, SLP


Mike is a great student, but sometimes his organized brain gets taken over by his powerful feelings! Join Mike and his friend as they discover strategies to act calmly, no matter how strongly they feel.

Discussion questions and an application activity are included. This book is appropriate for children in kindergarten through fifth grade.