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This PDF file provides the link to add the Boom Card deck to your Boom library.


Includes 8 different open-ended board games and each has a different theme (beach, zoo, space, cards, fantasy, farm, birthday, cars). Open-ended so you can pair with any speech-language goal or educational activity as reinforcement. On each board, players select one of the small, draggable pieces to be their movers. Each game board can accommodate up to 6 players. Open a free spinner or dice such as the ones that can be found at If using during teletherapy, make sure that you are sharing your ENTIRE screen (and not just one window) with the student so that you can switch between the game boards and spinner/dice. If you don’t want to switch between the two website windows, you can make your screen a split screen with the game on one side and the spinner on the other. If desired, you can give the student mouse control but that is not required. Have fun!

8 Board Games - Boom Card Games

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