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This ultra-portable, convenient, pocket-sized Articulation Flipbook resource includes 75 cards with all of the following consonant sounds in all positions (initial, medial, final): b/p, f/v, t/d, k/g, /l/, /l/ blends, /m/, /n/, /r/, /r/ plus different vowels (air, er, ire, or, ar), /r/ blends, s/z, /s/ blends, "sh," ch/j, /w/, "y," "ng." Laminate the cards for longevity-- this will also allow them to be easily sanitized if handled by students. You can also write on the laminated cards using a dry erase marker. Hole punch the top left corner of each card and connect them with a binder ring to create the flipbook OR put them on separate binder rings to create smaller flipbooks. You can also simply print whatever cards you need for that session, or store entire pages in a binder with sheet protectors if you don't want to laminate/cut. A digital version is forthcoming and will be added to this resource (so you'll get it once it's ready for free!) but you can use this during teletherapy (pair with any game) by sharing your screen and zooming in on one artic card that contains the target sound (so that one card takes up the student's screen). You or students can use annotate to write on the pictures on-screen (ex: to cross each picture off once it's been practiced). Send the entire file to parents for home practice or print any picture cards you'd like to send home with students!

Articulation Flipbook

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