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This resource contains printable Valentine’s cards (pages 3 and 4) with the words, “I love you more than” or “I like you more than” above a blank heart shape. First choose whether you’d like to print basic rectangular cards (page 3) or foldable cards (page 4). Print the heart page that contains your student’s speech sound(s) and have him/her cut out the heart(s) that you plan to use. The student can check off (or color) the box beside each word after it has been said using their sound. Feel free to have the child put the words into phrases or sentences (instead of just using single words) depending on his/her level. Last, have the child glue or tape the heart containing their words onto the blank heart on their Valentine card. Double-sided tape works great! If you would like to use multiple word hearts (e.g., to target one sound in all three positions or to target multiple sounds), staple the completed hearts together like a book and glue the bottom heart to the heart on the Valentine card. If you would prefer to use your own words, print and use a blank heart from page 12. Blank hearts can also be used to address language concepts such as by having the child come up with words that belong to a category (e.g., “I love you more than… pianos, trumpets, guitars”) or things that go with Valentine’s Day (e.g., cupid, flowers, hearts). Attach multiple hearts if you want to address multiple sounds, positions, or categories. Have your student read the card to his/her parent or friend as a homework activity!

Articulation Valentines

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