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This resource can be used in several different ways:


1) Have the child sort items by basic category or sub-category by placing them on top of the laminated category cards.


2) Have the child identify pictured items by basic category or sub-category (e.g., “Find the one that is a farm animal,” “Which one is a kind of clothing?”)


3) Have the child describe category item cards for you to guess and/or name item cards that you describe. After the item is guessed correctly, the item can be placed on its corresponding basic category card (i.e., animals, vehicles, foods, clothing) or on its more specific category card (i.e., farm animals, zoo animals, pets, etc.)


4) Use category items for following directions that contain quantities, location concepts, or adjectives/attributes.


5) Use category items for comparing/contrasting. Encourage the use of complete sentences, specific vocabulary, and a variety of adjectives/attributes.

Category Sorting: Basic Categorization & Sub-categories

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