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Great as a digital therapy resource! If using for teletherapy, pull up the resource using the screen sharing feature. Have an adult tell you which picture they pointed to, zoom in on one photo and ask the student yes/no qs (Do you think it's this one? Why or why not?), have them tell you if it's picture 1, 2, 3, or 4, or have them describe the picture to you.


Targets comprehension of complex sentences AND higher-level expressive language. The student points to the photo (from a field of four) that best matches the sentence and explains his/her choice. Contains evidence-based practice page! This resource follows a similar layout to the sentence comprehension subtests of the CELF-P2 and CASL; each page has one sentence and four similar photos. The student must select the photo that best matches each sentence. You can require the student to repeat each sentence aloud and/or to visualize in order to work on auditory recall. This resource can also be used to address higher-level expressive language goals including answering critical-thinking/inference questionsdescribing, and formulating sentences.


Within one file, there are 88 pages that contain four high-quality, eye-catching photos for a total of 352 different pictures! Sentences contain a variety of concepts and grammatical structures including ALL of the following:


  • Location concepts (in, on, under, out, next to, in front, behind, middle, between, above, below)
  • Quantity concepts (one, a couple, a few, many, a lot, none, all...except...)
  • Grammatical structures (plural –s, plural –es, irregular plural, pronouns (he, she, him, her, his, hers, they, them, theirs), negation, possessive ‘s, passive voice, relative clause, present progressive –ing, third person singular, future tense, irregular past tense, regular past tense –ed, questions)
  • Adjective(s) + noun (ex: "The cup was red and striped.")
  • Coordinating conjunctions (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so)-- 2 sentences for each!
  • Subordinating conjunctions (after, although, as, when, while, unless, until, before, because, if, since)-- 2 sentences for each!


After each photo has been selected, the student can be required to explain why he/she selected it or answer a variety of other critical-thinking questions about the photos (ex: "How could you tell that in this picture it was fall and not winter?")


I have included an informal assessment page with check boxes next to each concept/structure so that you can check off structures/concepts that appear to have been mastered and to make note of those that may require additional practice.

Complex Sentence Comprehension

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