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This resource is the long-awaited PART TWO to my best-selling Complex Sentence Comprehension resource! Includes PDF version (print or pull up on-screen) and a link to add the interactive Boom card version to your Boom Learning library!


It can be used to target comprehension of basic/opposite concepts on their own and also when embedded in complex sentences! In addition to receptive language skills, use this to work on higher-level expressive language skills including describing, comparing/contrasting, formulating sentences, using basic/opposite concepts expressively, building tier two vocabulary, and answering critical-thinking questions!


For each of the 38 adjectives in this resource, the student can point to the photo (from a field of three) that matches the concept. Next, they can read or listen to a complex sentence containing the same adjective and point to the photo that best matches the sentence (from a field of four). This resource follows a similar layout to the sentence comprehension subtests of the CELF-P2 and CASL in that sentence-level comprehension pages have one sentence and four similar photos (one of which matches the spoken sentence).


You can require the student to repeat each sentence aloud and/or to visualize in order to work on auditory memory skills. By requiring students to explain why they selected a particular photo to match a sentence, you can tease apart whether they truly understood the sentence or if they pointed based on one detail they heard. This is fantastic when used for progress-monitoring! Also in order to address higher-level expressive language skills, each sentence-level page includes several tier two vocabulary word suggestions (i.e., primarily adjectives and verbs) that can be used to formulate sentences about any of the photos on that page.


The resource contains an evidence-based practice page with relevant research studies related to sentence comprehension and vocabulary. It also contains an informal assessment page where the SLP/educator can check off concepts that appear to be mastered and/or take notes on any that require additional work!


Within this one file, there are 76 photo pages that contain four high-quality, eye-catching photos for a total of 266 different pictures! All of the following basic/opposite concepts are included and I also hope to grow this resource to include additional concepts:


  • Heavy/light

  • Full/empty

  • Hot/cold

  • Wet/dry

  • Hard/soft

  • Bright/dark

  • Clean/dirty

  • Fast/slow

  • Inside/outside

  • Same/different

  • Loud/quiet

  • Together/alone

  • Open/closed

  • Shiny/dull

  • Big/small

  • Long/short

  • Close/far

  • Smooth/bumpy

  • Curved/straight

Complex Sentence Comprehension #2: Comprehension of Basic / Opposite Concepts

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