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Note: This download includes a PDF file with a link to add this Boom card game to your Boom Learning Library.


Can you find the 5 hidden emojis by sending E-mails?


Players take turns selecting an envelope and dragging it over to the computer to send an E-mail. Each envelope will magically disappear when the E-mail is sent!


Beneath each envelope, you will find either a word containing your target sound, an emoji, a broken cell phone (two are hidden on each board), or a special emoji cell phone (one is hidden on each board)!


If you find a target word (representing what the sent E-mail was about), practice saying the word using your good sound at the word, phrase, or sentence level. If you find an emoji, click and drag it to one of the five circles at the bottom of the screen. If you find a broken cell phone, your E-mail has failed to send and the game is over. However, if you reveal a special emoji cell phone, you get one “save” that repairs any broken cell phone you find at any point afterwards so that you can still send the E-mail and keep playing! Drag the special emoji phone on top of to the broken phone to repair it. Note: the save only works once to repair one broken phone. If you find a broken phone and do not have an emoji phone, you must exit the Boom card deck and load it again from your library to start the game over with that same board intact. Hint: Try to remember where the broken cell phone was hiding so that you don’t select it again.


This game includes all of the common artic sounds in all positions and in blends: f/v, k/g, r, r blends, s/z, s blends, l, l blends, sh, ch, j.

Emojis & E-mails Boom Card Game

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