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This resource is part of my growing Word Retrieval & Language Formulation bundle (stay tuned, coming soon)! It consists of 100 colorful fantasy scene cards that can be used to address the skills of describing a picture or generating a narrative (either verbally or in writing). These expressive language tasks can be used with students who are working on word retrieval and language formulation skills.


I have included a cue card with word retrieval suggestions, a cue card with visual prompts to help with picture description and also a cue card with visuals that lists key elements to include when generating a narrative. Page 55 is a graphic organizer that can be used to plan out the story before telling (or writing) it in order to improve organization. Page 56 is an alphabet board that can be used with readers to aid in word retrieval.


To use as a digital teletherapy resource, pull up the board using the screen sharing feature. Have the child describe pictures or generate a narrative about a picture of your choice!


If you like this resource, check out my Word Retrieval and Language Formulation Informal Assessment Tool and my other expressive language resources such as my semantic feature analysis bundle and any of my themed describing/naming games in the style of Taboo!

Fantasy Scenes

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