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Great as a digital therapy resource! Pull up the resource using the screen sharing feature. :)


This 76-page EBP (!) resource was designed to be used as a comprehensive lesson on feelings/emotions and the difference between feelings and actions. Many of my students have difficulty expressing a "feelings" word when asked, “How did you feel?” and instead provide an action that they would like to (or did) perform. For example, when asked how they had felt when the teacher punished the whole class, the student might say, “I wanted to punch a hole through the wall!" instead of using a feeling/emotions word like “mad” or “furious.” This resource can be used to:


•Teach the difference between feelings vs. actions (page 4)

•Teach a variety of feelings/emotions words (pages 5-11)

•Allow the child to recall or come up with feelings/emotions words (pages (12-18)

•Plot feelings words on a continuum based on degree of emotion (pages 19-25)

Identify feelings vs. actions through matching (pages 26-27)

Match feelings to corresponding actions (pages 28-29)

•State how someone is feeling and what might have happened based on a description (page 30)

Identify feelings/emotions based on facial expressions and body language (pages 31-44)

•State how they might feel and what they might do given scenarios (pages 45-74)


This resource includes high-quality color photos depicting different emotions and their possible characteristics for teaching about facial expressions and body language. It also includes 30 scenario cards for kids and 30 scenario cards for adults that also have mini photos.


Now includes research studies regarding emotions on page 3!

Feelings and Actions

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