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Designed to be used during teletherapy sessions for speech therapy (also works for occupational therapy or for eLearning!) Features an animated, working spinner with sound effects. This game requires PowerPoint to play and will not work in Google Slides!

Players try to be the first to squash every bug of their color with a bottle of soap before the other player(s) can squash all of their bugs! The winner earns the Trophy of Cleanliness!

If using a platform such as Zoom, the student can be given mouse control in order to spin/stop the spinner and squash bugs themselves (by clicking and dragging the bottle of soap on top of the bug of their choice). Alternatively, the child can say "stop" when they want you to spin the spinner and can describe which bug they would like you to squash with the bottles of soap!


This is included in my Digital Games Bundle

Germ Squash - PowerPoint Game

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