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Shoppers fill their carts with grocery items and try to earn the most points! Read below to make sure this game will work for you (requires PowerPoint!)


Fun, exciting digital game with a working spinner that has sound effects! Designed to be used during teletherapy sessions for speech therapy (also works for occupational therapy or for eLearning!) Players take turns spinning the spinner and collecting grocery store items belonging to different categories. The therapist can decide whether landing on "Grab!" allows a player to grab one item from another shopper's cart or whether they can go on a 10-second shopping spree where they grab as many items as they can! You can use the timer on your phone/iPad or use a free online timer like the one found here.


Use this game to address just about any speech-language goal or simply as reinforcement during any therapy/academic task of your choice! Note, this can be played on a PC or a Mac computer but you must have PowerPoint installed for it to work! You do not need to have a touch screen and you do not need to be using a teletherapy platform that allows the student to control the mouse. Simply start the spinner and then have the student shout, "Stop!" so you know when to click. However, if using a platform such as Zoom, you can give the student mouse control if desired in order to allow them to spin the spinner or move the game pieces themselves! This game plays well during individual and group teletherapy sessions! Recommended for ages 3-12. For older children, you can practice higher-level language tasks such as completing analogies using items in the game or have them write a game review (feel free to share with me if there are any changes your kiddos think I should make!) You can adjust the length of game play as well by adding or deleting grocery store items by copying/pasting. This game can easily be played for an entire 45-55 minute teletherapy session!


For speech-language therapy sessions, use this game to address:


Categorization & direction-following: Require the student to name items within basic categories (ex: fruits, vegetables, desserts, animals, jobs). Ask them to find or name items that you describe that belonging to certain categories (e.g., “This is a vegetable that is orange and that a bunny likes to eat”) or in different locations. Require the student to state the category name given a list of items (e.g., “Oranges, apples, and bananas are all kinds of ______.”)


Describing: Copy and paste any picture of your choice into page 9 and use the visuals provided to describe it.


Comparing/contrasting: Copy and paste two pictures of your choice into page 10 at the top of the Venn Diagram and use the visuals provided to compare/contrast them.


Increasing use and comprehension of specific vocabulary including adjectives, features, location concepts, and quantity concepts: Require the student to use specific vocabulary to describe which food or character they would like and where they would like to put it. Practice location concepts such as next to, above/below, between, quantity concepts such as all, some, none, a few, many, adjectives such as striped, small, orange, and features such as peel, stem, frosting, lid.


Explaining word relationships: Require the student to explain how two words go together using page 11.


Identifying the word that doesn’t belong: Require the student to identify the word that does not belong using page 12.


Comprehension of directions and location concepts: Use pages 13-17 to target comprehension skills.


*Includes colorful graphics to help with describing and comparing/contrasting using category information, action/function, appearance (size, shape, color), material, parts/features, location, and additional information. Also includes cards for explaining word relationships, identifying the word that doesn't belong from a field of 3, and pages for working on direction following and location concepts.


And more! There are so many vocabulary words in this resource that working on articulation is a breeze no matter the target sounds!


This resource is included in my Digital Games Bundle.

Grocery Grab - PowerPoint Game

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