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Note: this download includes only a link to add the Boom card game to your Boom Learning library.


This game was designed to be played like Guess Who, 20 Questions, or I Spy. There are 13 category boards to choose from and more will be added! Players either ask yes/no questions or listen to descriptions, then use the process of elimination to cover items that do not fit the description until only one item remains. Players can take turns being the person who chooses the secret item and the person who asks the questions or provides the clues. This can be played with only one student and SLP/educator or with a group of students.


These category boards can be used to target other speech-language goals such as explaining word relationships given two items or features (ex: How does dog go with cat? How does chicken go with wings?), following verbal directions (ex: “Circle the first farm animal in the top row”), comparing/contrasting, and answering questions such as “Which vehicle might take someone to the hospital?” or “What is your favorite type of _____?”

Guess What! Boom Card Game

$5.75 Regular Price
$4.03Sale Price
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