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Practice basic and complex direction-following skills using these bright, colorful Halloween picture strips! 29 different picture strips are included in this resource as well as over 150 different verbal directions. There is also an included No Print option where each picture strip is presented on a separate page (along with corresponding questions).


This resource is designed to build comprehension skills such as receptive vocabulary and the ability to follow directions that include nouns, 1-3 attributes (colors, sizes, features), clauses, negation, locations/positions, and quantities. You can also use your own spoken directions with the picture strips such as directions with multiple steps, (e.g., "First point to the jack-o'-lantern, then point to the monster") or cut out pictures separately to use for matching or compare/contrast activities. The possibilities are endless!


Print Version: Print pages 34-43 in color, single-sided. Cut out the picture strips (laminate for better results) and present one at a time to the child for pointing. You can choose to view the corresponding (numbered) questions on a computer screen or print those (low-ink, no glamour) pages to read from as well.


No Print Version: You can view pages 4-32 with a student right on a computer, phone, or tablet (just make sure the computer touch screen is turned off before they point).

Halloween Directions Picture Strips

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