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This resource contains a printable Valentine's card craft template (pages 3 and 4). Print page 3 for color and page 4 for black and white versions. Printing on cardstock is recommended for best results but not required. Have the child color the gumball machine first if using the black and white version. Then, using different colored construction paper squares (you can just tear off small pieces), write the child’s sound(s), articulation words, or language concepts (ex: items the child has named to description, items in basic categories). Pages 5-11 contain all consonant sounds in all positions should you like to use them! Have the child crumple each square after saying the sound/word or naming a category item and then place it inside a sandwich size Ziploc bag. These are their gumballs. Once the bag is full, cut or rip off the zippered part, fold the open top under and tape behind (packing tape works great). You can also fold corners back and tape for a more rounded appearance. Next, tape the bag inside the gumball machine. Note: If you don’t have a Ziploc bag handy, the gumballs can be glued directly onto the gumball machine. If you’d like, have the child add real candy, stickers, etc. to their craft. Last, cut out the rectangular Valentine (dotted outline) or simply cut out the gumball machine itself. Have fun!

I "Chews" You Valentine's Day Articulation Activity (Printable)

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