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Making lemonade during speech sessions is such a fun, engaging activity with the potential to target a variety of speech-language goals. Even if you don't want to (or can't) make real lemonade, you can pair these activities with a lemonade-themed book such as Froggy's Lemonade Stand, a lemonade-themed art project, or a pretend play activity where students pretend to create a lemonade stand (with peers or with figurines).


This resource contains all of the following:

  • Basic recipe for homemade lemonade using only 3 ingredients (no simple syrup necessary!)
  • Blank lemonade recipe for kids to recall and fill in supplies, ingredients, and directions (using visualization)
  • Lemonade photo sequencing cards with original photos depicting each step
  • Sweet vs. sour visuals and list of social scenarios; students can listen to scenarios and identify whether the behaviors are sweet/sour (i.e., expected/unexpected)
  • Vocab / context clues practice using lemonade-themed sentences
  • Extension activities with lemonade-themed critical-thinking questions, compare/contrast, and category-naming

Lemonade in Speech - Social & Language Activities

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