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Note: This download contains only a link to add the Boom card game to your Boom Learning library.


Which player can collect the most Valentines cards?


Players each choose one of the mailboxes that they want to be theirs at the beginning of the game.


Players then take turns selecting a heart candy and dragging it into the love monster’s mouth! Each heart will magically disappear when the monster eats it.


Beneath each candy, you will find either a word containing your target sound, a monster Valentines card, or a picture of the pink love monster. Includes the following artic sounds in all positions: ch/j, k/g, f/v, l, l blends, r, r blends, sh, ch/j, th voiced and voiceless


If you find a target word, practice saying the word using your good sound at the word, phrase, or sentence level. If you find a Valentine’s card, drag it into your mailbox. If you find the love monster, the monster wants to eat and you can take another turn!


At the end of the game, each player should move their mailbox and count how many Valentine’s cards they have. The player with the most at the end of the game is the winner!


Good luck!

Love Monster Boom Card Game

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