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This resource was designed to work on higher-level language skills and language-based academics, including reading comprehension and written expression skills, with 3rd graders up through high school or adult.


This resource includes over 130 unique context clue sentences and can be used to address all of the following skills, making it ideal for use with mixed groups:


•Understanding that words can have multiple meanings

•Determining vocabulary meanings from context clues

•Making inferences (ex: "How did you know?") & finding evidence

•Identifying parts of speech (noun, verb, adjective)

•Generating definitions

•Making word associations

•Explaining word relationships

•Formulating grammatically-correct sentences containing target words

•Expanding sentence length (verbally and/or in writing)

•Describing a picture using specific vocabulary, correct grammar, location concepts, etc.


Included are 13 different words that each have (at least) 3 different meanings, for a total of 39 task cards. For every set of 3 words, there is an additional card that requires the student to identify the meaning of each target word from context by matching sentences to the corresponding pictures. Blank task cards are provided at the end of this resource in order to practice the same activities using other vocabulary words. A list of additional multiple meanings words has also been included.


This resource can also be used with students who have both speech and language goals or with articulation-only students by picking out words that contain their target sounds, describing or labeling the pictures they have drawn using their target sounds, or reading aloud using their target sounds!

Multiple Meanings: Language Task Cards

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