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What silly things are hiding inside the gingerbread house? Open the 10 doors and windows to reveal pictures (that the child has drawn) representing articulation or language target words!


This 81 page winter-themed printable resource was designed to be used by speech-language pathologists (SLPs) with their students or clients during speech therapy sessions. It may also be sent home to facilitate carryover of speech-language skills.


The download includes two gingerbread house pages (full color and black and white) as well as coloring pages for targeting all consonant sounds in all positions and blends. Several coloring pages designed to target language concepts and a blank coloring page (to use with any concept(s) of your choice!) are also included.


Once each child has been given a coloring page (with their target sound or concept) and crayons, colored pencils, or markers, instruct them to draw a picture inside each box representing the provided target word. The child can practice their sound (or language concept) while drawing each picture. For example, you could prompt them to say their sound in isolation, single words, or in a variety of phrases or sentences (ex: “My chair,” “I am coloring the chair with a brown marker.”) You can ask the child questions about their picture (ex: “What is that?”) to elicit more sound opportunities (ex: “That’s the cheetah’s tail.”)


While the child is drawing, cut out three sides of each window and door of the gingerbread house so that all of them can open. When the child has finished drawing a picture inside each box, lay their gingerbread house page over the coloring page. The child should be able to open the windows and door to reveal the pictures they have drawn and describe them for additional practice opportunities. If you have printed only one house for a group session, children can take turns laying the house over top of their individual coloring pages while showing the other children their hidden images.


If you’d like, you can remove the windows and doors entirely for even greater ease and to have the target words remain visible at all times. You can also tape, glue, or staple the house together with the coloring page if desired.


Use the “Notes” section at the bottom of the gingerbread page to assign homework for the child (ex: “Practice the /ch/ sound in short 2-3 word phrases such as “Big cheetah,” “I like cheese.” Make sure John punches the roof of his mouth with his tongue to produce a “choppy” sound!")

My Gingerbread House

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