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This binder ring flipbook contains everything you need to address phonological (or phonemic) awareness goals in speech therapy or in your preschool/elementary classroom! Cards are small and since they can be attached with a binder ring, the finished result is pocket-sized and ultra portable!


Resource includes 7 informal assessment cards that can be kept at the front of the flipbook as well as a full-page version of the informal assessment. Includes 35 cards of activities that allow for easy data collection (items are in columns of 10 beside checkmark boxes). Write on cards using a dry erase board once laminated to take data! Flipbook cards can be used to address the following phonological awareness skills:


  • Identifying whether words rhyme
  • Producing rhyming words
  • Segmenting words and syllables by clapping/tapping
  • Blending compound words
  • Verbally segmenting compound words
  • Blending syllables to form words
  • Verbally segmenting syllables
  • Blending onset & rime
  • Identifying same sounds in all positions of words
  • Deleting syllables in words
  • Stating initial, final, and medial sounds
  • Blending 3 sounds to form words
  • Segmenting 3 sounds
  • Deleting initial and final sounds
  • Manipulating (changing) initial, medial, and final sounds


While the file itself may appear small as it has only 16 slides, each of the 35 cards includes 20 phono awareness items for a grand total of 700 items!

Phonological Awareness Flipbook

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