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This resource can be used to analyze a student or client’s production of Standard American English speech sounds within single words. It includes all consonants in all positions of words as well as consonant blends in the initial position of words. There are a total of 38 photos designed to elicit 54 single words. There is also a six-page score form that includes three pages for transcribing target word productions and three pages for transferring sound errors onto a chart by phoneme.


This resource can be used as an informal assessment tool, screening tool, or progress monitoring tool. If standard scores are not required for eligibility determinations, this assessment can be administered in lieu of a standardized assessment to identify speech sound errors. It can also be used to identify whether a student should receive a full articulation and oral motor assessment using a standardized measure. It can be used to gauge progress when the student is not yet up for formal reassessment.


Photos can be viewed in-person on a screen or tablet or can be printed/laminated or bound as a test booklet. For teletherapy sessions, show the student photos while screen sharing. Score forms can be printed or edited on screen using a PDF editor/annotation tool.

Photo Articulation Informal Assessment Tool

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