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Contains 250 photo cards!


  • 50 level 1 noun cards (basic) like "dog," "airplane"
  • 50 level 2 noun cards (advanced) like "telescope," "roller coaster"
  • 50 object/animal cards for labeling or IDing parts or features like "bike," "necklace"
  • 50 level 1 verb cards (basic) like "eating," "throwing"
  • 50 level 2 verb cards (advanced) like "sharpening, "surfing"


Additional cards may be added soon!


Use these cards to work on speech-language skills including:

  • word retrieval
  • vocabulary
  • labeling
  • describing
  • increasing utterance length
  • formulating sentences about a picture
  • pointing to identify nouns/features/verbs
  • answering questions with yes/no or two choice responses
  • pronouns
  • verb tenses including regular and irregular past tense
  • synonyms


Great for teletherapy-- pull up pictures via Screen Sharing and you can even draw or annotate on them (ex: circle one part/feature) if using a platform such as Zoom!

Photo Cards: Nouns, Verbs, Parts of Objects

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