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This digital game allows you to practice pretend play (i.e., imaginative play) ideation with your students via teletherapy or distance learning. I designed this game to simulate what I often do during social skills groups in private practice, where I have students decide on a destination for a pretend trip, which vehicle we should ride to get there, what we should bring in our suitcases, what our suitcases look like, and what we are doing once we arrive! To play this game, you must have PowerPoint installed on your computer but it will work on PC or Mac! Unzip the zip folder, open it in PowerPoint on your computer, and pull up the PowerPoint game on screen using the screen sharing feature of your teletherapy / eLearning platform. Together with the student(s), plan which characters you want to be, where you would like to go, what you would like to ride, which suitcase you'd like to bring, and what you would like to pack (drag and drop clip art items directly into the suitcase!) Copy/paste the vehicle into the travel page and drag the vehicle to make it move through the air, water, or on the road! Finally, copy and paste your character(s) and their suitcases/items (if desired) into the slide that has your chosen destination and pretend to engage in a variety of activities while there (ex: building a sand castle). Talk about what you are doing, what you see, what you smell, what you hear, etc. Within the zip folder, I have included each destination as a jpg file that you can upload and use as your virtual background in Zoom (ex: if the child has chosen the beach, you can make it look like you are at the beach too!) Great for individual sessions with preschoolers or younger elementary schoolers and especially for use during social groups!

Pretend Play - PowerPoint Game

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