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This resource was designed to be used by educators, therapists, or parents as an easy system for providing positive reinforcement. The star boards and reinforcement pictures are fully editable within PowerPoint. Please note that the pages containing star clipart and the title pages of this resource are not editable and have been saved in PDF format.


After assembly, the educator or the child first selects a desired reinforcer that they are working to earn. The picture card representing that reinforcer is placed (typically by the child) on the rectangle at the top of the star board. The child should be reminded of the rules or expectations for listening/behavior. Each time the child is demonstrating expected behaviors (or at intervals determined by the educator), a star is awarded and placed in one of the boxes beneath the reinforcement picture. When the child has earned three, four, five, or six stars (depending on the chosen star board), they can then earn the agreed-upon reinforcer. Reinforcers can be: taking a break, playing a game, receiving a small prize/toy, receiving a snack, playing on the iPad for certain amount of time, etc.


While this resource is intended to be used with younger children given the more juvenile nature of the star clipart images, it can easily be modified for use with older children; just use a dry erase marker (on the laminated star board) to write a description of the reinforcer and then draw a star or check in each box instead of using the clipart images.


This resource can also be used during teletherapy sessions by sharing the screen and copy/pasting stars into the boxes!

Reinforcement Star Boards

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