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Designed to be used during teletherapy sessions for speech therapy (also works for occupational therapy or for eLearning!) This game requires PowerPoint to play and will not work in Google Slides!

One player hides an object from the left column behind any suitcase on the shelves by clicking and dragging it behind. The other player tries to guess where the object is hiding by asking yes/no questions or providing descriptions containing specific vocabulary, adjectives/attributes, and/or location concepts. When all rounds are complete, the player who found the hidden object(s) in the fewest number of guesses is the winner!

If using a platform such as Zoom, the student can be given mouse control in order to hide an object while your eyes are closed. Alternatively, the child can "hide" an object by writing or drawing on paper the suitcase where they want the object to be hidden and then holding up the paper once the therapist/educator has guessed correctly!


This game is included in my Digital Games Bundle.

Secret Suitcase - PowerPoint Game

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