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Note: This download includes only a link to add the Boom Card game to your Boom Learning Library.


Be the first player to complete your snowman!


First select the open-ended game board (to pair this game with any goal) or the student’s target sound. Includes all common sounds in all positions: k/g, ch/j, l, l blends, sh, r, r blends, s/z, s blends, th voiced and voiceless!


Players take turns selecting an igloo and dragging it off screen. Behind each igloo, you will either find a snowman part or a sun.


If you find a snowman part that you don’t already have, drag it into your square at the bottom. If you find a snowman part that you already have, leave it where it is. On the next player’s turn, they can choose to look behind another igloo OR take any part they need that has been uncovered by the other player.


If you find the sun, your snowman has started to melt! Put one of your snowman parts back.


A completed snowman will include 3 snowballs of different sizes, 2 eyes, a carrot nose, a hat, and a scarf.

Speed Snowman Boom Card Game

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