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Note: This activity is included as part of a much larger BINDER resource, Sounds that Stick: An Articulation Resource for Generalization. It was designed to be an SLP's go-to when working on the articulation phase of speech therapy but also includes activities that could be used at the word/phrase/sentence levels and to address language skills. Before purchasing this file, you might want to make sure you don't need the full resource (since if you download that one later, you'll be paying for Spot the Differences twice!)


There are a few ways in which this resource can be used with students who are working on articulation and/or language skills. For students who are working on using sounds in the word, phrase, or sentence levels, locate the desired sound pages (i.e., for ch/j, f/v, k/g, /l/ /r/, s/z, sh, or th). View one page at a time (either on a phone/tablet/computer or printed out) and have the child repeat words, phrases, or sentences about that one picture scene using their sound(s). To target articulation skills at the conversation level and/or higher-level expressive language skills, have the student 1) describe only ONE picture scene using his/her sounds, 2) have him/her talk about the differences they see when the TWO similar printed picture scenes are side-by-side, or 3) study and describe one picture scene first and then try to spot (and describe) the differences in the second picture scene with only the second scene visible. This third option provides the greatest level of challenge and is best for older students.

Spot the Differences - Articulation & Language

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