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his resource contains a set of 30 spring-themed word cards that can be used to address the skills of describing (within constraints) and naming to description. There are 5 pages (containing 6 cards each) that resemble the page that can be seen in the preview file. I work for two pediatric private practices and primarily use this describing activity with elementary schoolers who are readers and who present with language formulation disfluencies (i.e., a high number of restarts, revisions, hesitations, thinking words like “um”) and related word retrieval difficulty. These cards can be used to work on formulating sentences using age-appropriate grammar, higher-level vocabulary, and appropriate word choice, “talking around” words that are difficult to retrieve, and producing synonyms/antonyms. You can also modify this resource to be used with younger children by taking away the forbidden words and/or pulling up a picture of each target word (via Google images) for them to describe. 

Spring Words: Describing and Naming Game

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