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Download includes an editable PowerPoint version (students can type into the document) and a link to add the interactive Boom card version to your Boom Learning Library!


This resource contains peculiar photos within blank newspaper pages. The photos can be used as prompts for writing fake news articles.*


In addition to the blank newspaper page, each photo has a planning page where students can create a bulleted list of ideas before writing their draft.


In addition to the photo prompts, this resource includes an example article. Students can try to locate each element from the writing prompt directions (ex: "wh" information, quotes, research) within the example article. They can also use this page to see an example headline and photo caption.


I have included a page that lists the steps in the writing process as well as a page with an article checklist for making sure the student has included all elements from the prompt in their article. You can also assign points and use the checklist as a grading rubric.


*Photos can be used to work on describing, formulating sentences given target words, word retrieval, and other language skills.

The Peculiar Post: Article Writing Photo Promps

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