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This resource is designed to be used as a lesson on tone of voice. It can be used to:


•Teach what is meant by “tone of voice” (page 3)


•Explain the importance of the conversation partner’s tone of voice (page 4)


•Explain the importance of your own tone of voice with examples (pages 5-6)


•Have the student come up with examples of tones of voice or recall examples after

they have been taught (page 7)


•Teach various tones of voice that you or others might use to convey emotion (page 8)


•Identify, discuss, and act out various tones of voice given statements/questions (pages 9-12)


•Role play conversations using different tones of voice and discuss how the other person might feel or react in response to each (pages 13-25)


•Watch and discuss video clips from shows/movies showcasing different tones of voice (26-27)

Tone of Voice: Social Skills

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