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This download includes both PowerPoint versions and Boom card links!


Embark on an epic adventure to uncover a secret treasure, hidden years ago by your long-lost great uncle! When you encounter a troublesome troll, you will need to solve his riddle(s) in order to advance to the next location on the map. This download includes multiple versions of the game to address different skill areas! There is an the open-ended version of the game, where the riddle text boxes are blank-- the SLP or educator can add any problem(s) or question(s) of their choice for the student to solve before moving on! You can use the annotate feature in Zoom to type any problem directly into the empty text box. You can also require the student to solve more than one problem before advancing the plot– simply delete the text after the first problem is solved and type another problem after they have solved the first one! The other versions of this game already include riddles to guess words containing the student’s speech sounds. This download currently includes an initial /r/ version (with initial /r/ riddles) but more speech sound versions will be added soon!


This version of the game was designed for older students (late elementary through high school) as opposed to younger elementary schoolers or preschoolers. You can modify the language to make the game less complex for younger students, but a second (easier) version of the game is already in the works and will be added to the growing bundle!


Use this game to target critical-thinking skills (ex: predicting what will happen, making inferences, answering “Why?” questions), generating synonyms/antonyms and definitions, and determining difficult word meanings from context clues. The resource is loaded with tier two vocabulary words (ex: lugging, stroll, placid). You can have the student answer recall/comprehension questions about the story or dialogue before and during the game. You can also work on describing the picture scenes, naming items in the scenes from a description, and categorization tasks (e.g., point out the rooster and then have the student come up with other farm animals). Students can work on summarizing the plot or retelling what happened page by page once the quest has been completed. Using the annotate tool in Zoom, the student can circle items on the screen or draw things in the pictures to identify them or to follow directions (ex: “First circle the house, then draw a hat on the troll.”)


For articulation, in addition to solving the artic riddles provided in the other versions, have the student locate items containing their target sound within each scene or in the text! When they find an /r/ word (ex: “barn”) have them say the word using their sound or repeat a phrase/sentence (or generate their own sentence) depending on level!

Troll Trouble - PowerPoint and Boom Card Game

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