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Great as a digital teletherapy resource!


This 25-page resource was designed to be used as a comprehensive lesson on using good manners and the difference between public vs. private places and behaviors. It includes real, high-quality photos depicting emotions, behaviors, and places. This resource is included as part of my growing social skills bundle!


This resource can be used to:


•Teach the meaning of having good manners and why this is important (page 3)

•Teach examples of ways to use good manners (page 4)

•Allow the student to recall or come up with behaviors that demonstrate using good manners (page 5)

•Discuss words and phrases that are polite (page 6)

Identify and discuss scenarios that are examples of using good manners vs. bad manners (page 7-16)

Identify others’ emotions based on social scenarios (page 17)

Teach the difference between public and private places and behaviors (page 18)

Identify and discuss public vs. private places by sorting photos (pages 19-21)

Identify and discuss public vs. private behaviors by sorting photos (page 22-25)

•Identify and discuss behaviors that are appropriate in different places (pages 22-24, 26-50)


This resource includes 40 scenario cards where students can identify good manners vs. bad manners, discuss how the other person might feel in each situation, and come up with an alternative that would demonstrate good manners.

Using Manners, Public vs. Private

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