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Great as a digital therapy resource! Pull up the resource using the screen sharing feature.


This resource contains 50 fun and colorful picture cards that have basic nouns and also picture scenes that combine people/places/things.


There are 10 different cartoon people (ex: teacher, doctor, astronaut), 10 different cartoon objects (ex: book, lollipop, flag), and 10 different photos of places (ex: school, hospital, outer space). These cards can be used to practice answering questions, describing (i.e., for an educator or peer to guess), naming items when described, and formulating noun+is+verb(ing)+object+location sentences.


In addition to basic noun cards (depicting one noun per card), there are also 20 cards that combine each of these same people/things/places within one scene (e.g., the TEACHER is holding the BOOK at the SCHOOL). If you don't need the question prompts (or don't want them to be visible), you can cut or fold across the dotted line so that you will just be left with picture cards minus questions/descriptions.


This activity can be used as a LEVELED intervention in that students can first practice answering basic "who," "what," and "where" questions about a single person, object, and place. Once this skill is mastered, students can practice answering questions given a description (without a picture). Noting any discrepancy in response time between labeling pictures and naming the same items when described can help to pinpoint any word retrieval difficulties. Last, the people, objects, and places are all combined on one card so that the student can practice answering "who," "what," and "where" questions all about one picture when mixed up, which is more challenging than answering questions individually. A sentence strip has been included (with fill-in-the-blanks and miniature pictures of each noun) so that students can practice formulating complete sentences about each picture scene (e.g., "The teacher is holding the book at the school.")

Who, What, Where: Leveled WH Questions

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