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Note: This download contains only a link to add the Boom card story to your Boom Learning library.


This funny, interactive Boom card story can be used to encourage early speech-language skills in the birth to three population and with preschool through kindergarten-age students. The boy and various objects within the book are movable so they can be used to work on acting out parts of the story, following directions, and understanding/using location concepts like early prepositions. Children can practice imitating a variety of non-speech sounds (ex: whoosh, shhh, brrr, eww), early speech sounds such as to approximate single words (ex: "Ohhh" for "open"), single words (e.g., "out," "go"), and phrases (ex: "boy run.") Students can request actions in the book using functional language (ex: open door, go out, open box). The repetitive structure lends itself well to story retell when read with preK and kindergarten students. Students can fill in rhyming words to work on phonological awareness skills. This story was also designed to work with PROMPT targets and sound-sequencing goals (ex: producing CVCV words like "mama," "bubble," VC words like "in," "out," "up").

Whoosh Went the Door: An Interactive Boom Card Story

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