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Oh no! It’s a terribly windy day and the wind has blown different objects all over the place! While on the path to your friend’s birthday party, you will have to stop and pick up any objects you encounter and put them back where they belong! Note: This version requires PowerPoint to play; it will not work if opened in Google Slides. There is also a version of this game on Boom!


This game requires the use of a spinner or dice such as the rainbow-colored spinner found at Make sure you are sharing your entire screen with the student so that they can see when you switch between the spinner and game board. Each player begins by choosing one of the four character players and placing it on start at the bottom left. Whenever you or the student lands on a space, you or they will need to identify which category it belongs to and then drag the object to the corresponding labeled box. Whenever you or the student lands on a category box, you will need to locate an object on the board that corresponds to that category and place it on that box. The player who makes it to the birthday party first is the winner!


This game can be used to work on naming the category, naming items in categories, describing, comparing/contrasting, pronouns, location concepts, quantity concepts, articulation, and more!


This resource is included as part of my Digital Games Bundle

    Windy Words - PowerPoint Game

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