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Contains 5 winter-themed paragraphs for working on reading comprehension, written expression, and expressive language skills. Practice identifying the text purpose, stating the main idea, using the main idea to generate multiple examples of introduction/topic and conclusion sentences, summarizing, answering critical-thinking questions (why, how do you know), finding the evidence/support for a statement in the text, and defining tier two vocabulary words or determine their meaning from context clues. In addition to questions and prompts to find the evidence, I have included answers for purpose and main idea and have also included multiple examples of good introduction/conclusion sentences. Paragraph topics include:


  • Figure skates vs. ice hockey skates (compare/contrast)
  • How to go ice fishing (tell steps in a sequence)
  • All about icicles and their dangers (inform/explain a topic)
  • Winter coat for sale (persuade)
  • Arctic foxes and climate change (present problem and solution)

Winter Paragraphs: Reading Comprehension, Writing, Main Idea

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