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Welcome, young wizard-in-training! It’s time to take your Wizard Exams to see if you are ready to graduate from Wizard School and become a full wizard! I assume you’re prepared?


This digital (PDF) game includes 5 magical mini-games in the form of wizard exams targeting expressive (and receptive) language skills! During the very first trial run of this game with an elementary schooler, she shouted "I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!" :) Here's what's included:


Transformation-- the student transforms objects (ex: an apple into a watermelon by comparing/contrasting)-- either with fill-in-the-blank (ex: "An apple is small but a watermelon is ______") or using a provided Venn Diagram. Use Annotate to type directly into the Venn Diagram! (includes 5 opportunities)

Levitation-- the student identifies which of four items doesn't belong and explains why to make the item rise into the air (includes 5 tasks)

Cauldron Cooking-- the student pretends to toss ingredients into a cauldron and tells the steps in a procedure (ex: to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich) so that the item will appear (includes 5 tasks)

Fortune-Telling-- the student gazes into the crystal ball to "see" a scenario and then predicts what might happen next (involves inferencing, making predictions) (includes 10 opportunities)

Conjuring-- the student makes items appear out of thin air by naming from a description (includes 10 basic and 10 more challenging items for a total of 20)


A Boom card version of this game is in the works and the link will be added in the updated TpT file-- in other words, buying this PDF file from TpT will also get you the Boom link for free once completed!


Wizard Exams: 5 Magical Mini Games

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$4.03Sale Price
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