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This resource can be used informal assessment or screening tool, specifically to look at word retrieval and language formulation skills.


NEW! This resource now includes a student questionnaire to gauge student's feelings/perceptions about their expressive language skills, motivation to work on communication in speech, and areas of perceived strength/weakness -- all of which can help with goal-setting and determining functional/academic impact.


It can be used as a supplement to more formal language assessment measures, such as being administered in addition to tests of expressive/receptive vocabulary or following a formal language test that does not include word retrieval tasks. It includes informal assessment data collection pages with plenty of room for taking notes as well as suggestions for cues to try if the student has difficulty. It also includes a 36-page task card booklet with real photos to accompany most of the tasks listed below.


The first portion of this resource contains general word retrieval tasks:

  • Naming pictured nouns
  • Naming pictured verbs
  • Naming from a verbal description
  • Naming the category (given items)-- basic
  • Naming the category (given items)-- complex/conversational
  • Naming category items-- basic
  • Naming category items-- complex/conversational
  • Cloze task-- level one (ex: "Peanut butter and ____")
  • Cloze task-- level two (ex: "She put the hat on her ____")
  • Naming synonyms
  • Naming antonyms


The second portion of this resource contains a variety of language formulation tasks. Analyzing the student’s responses during these lengthier expressive language tasks can also help to identify word retrieval difficulties:

  • Describing a word
  • Comparing/contrasting
  • Explaining word relationships
  • Describing a picture
  • Formulating a sentence about a picture
  • Telling steps in a procedure-- with visuals
  • Telling steps in a procedure-- without visuals
  • Retelling a story
  • Generating a narrative about a picture


The third portion of this resource is the 3.5-page student questionnaire described above, with questions such as, "Do you think other people ever have trouble understanding you when you talk?" "Do they giv eyou enough tiem time to get your message out? What do you do if someone doesn't understand what you mean?"


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Word Retrieval & Language Formulation: Informal Assessment Tool

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