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This resource includes the following text-based word retrieval tasks (i.e., there are written prompts for each type of task, no pictures or clip art are included). Check out my word retrieval bundle and other resources including my noun/verb photo cards resource or fantasy scenes if looking for picture-based word retrieval tasks. This resource includes all of the following and they are divided into levels of difficulty:


Word retrieval & language formulation activities & ideas list (Pages 3-6)


Naming the category (Pages 7-8)


Naming items in categories (Pages 8-9)


Naming from a description (Pages 10-11)


Cloze tasks (fill-in-the-blank), includes phrase and sentence levels (Pages 12-13)


Synonyms (Pages 14-15)


Antonyms (Pages 15-16)


Sound-alike words (Page 17)


Multiple meaning words (Page 17)

Word Retrieval: Text-Based Activities

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