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Digital Games for Teletherapy

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Lucy Stone of The Speech Express and I have spent the past several months (or has it been years?? It feels like years...) compiling this GIANT list of digital games websites that you will find below!! Make sure to bookmark this page so you can come back to it later.

Need more lists of teletherapy resources and ideas? Lucy and I have got you covered! Check out our other teletherapy collaborations over on The Speech Express blog including:

Our Distance Learning Series which includes ideas for addressing Articulation, Syntax, Reading Comprehension, and Inferencing (with more goal areas to come!)

And now... onto the games!

Free Game Websites

PBS Kids - tons of high quality games for preschool and elementary schoolers featuring popular characters like Sesame Street characters, Daniel Tiger, and Pinkalicious. Many games great for requesting, expanding utterance length and work with themes (ex: Halloween, farm, lemonade).

Nick Jr. - similar to PBS Kids, has high quality games for preschool and elementary schoolers featuring familiar characters like Paw Patrol characters and Peppa Pig.

Disney LOL - games feature familiar Disney characters like Frozen characters and Descendants. Younger students will especially like Disney Junior games such as Mickey Mouse and Sophia the First. Also includes virtual sticker books and coloring pages.

ABCYa - many great free games including educational games. Check out the make/create games like Make a Cake which are great for requesting, telling steps, following directions, using/understanding prepositions, etc. Also try the Storymaker game if working on generating narratives. More games for writing narratives can be found here.

Toy Theater - very basic, repetitive games that work best as a quick break or reward. Website includes free spinners and dice that can be paired with other games. Also includes tools like online timers, letter manipulatives.

FUNBRAIN - quick games that work best as a quick break or reward and are sorted by grade. Website requires you to watch lengthy ads before playing.

Highlights Kids - digital Hidden Pictures games; pictures are black and white like coloring pages but hidden objects turn different colors when clicked.

Match the Memory - play digital memory games that are pre-made or create your own!

Poki - tons of games that appeal more to older students including Minecraft, racing games, and many classic board and card games like Tic Tac Toe, Checkers, Monopoly, Uno, Snakes and Ladders!

Silver Games - similar to Poki with games best suited for older students, has games of all types (many the same as on Poki) including classic games like Connect 4, Battleship, Yahtzee.

Crazy Games - similar to Poki and Silver Games but also includes games that are great for younger students that are similar to Toca Boca apps-- can be used to work on requesting and sequencing steps in procedures ex: Yummy Waffle Ice Cream, Yummy Hot Dog, and Funny Haircut.

Cool Math Games - many games (not just involving math) best suited for older students, similar to Poki and Silver Games. Requires you to watch ads before playing and some features are disabled unless you upgrade to premium version. - includes a limited number of educational games such as ELA and word games, some are sorted by themes like sports and Halloween. Offers free worksheets to accompany games depending on skill (ex: irregular past tense). Best for elementary and middle schoolers.

Baamboozle - includes quiz-like games made by educators that are searchable by topic or skill area, or you can make your own! Many games are fantastic for older elementary, middle and high school students. The fabulous Amy Dene Ellen put together a GIANT list of Baamboozle games that can be used for speech-language therapy (sorted by skill) and was nice enough to let me share the entire list as a PDF here! After downloading the file below, you can either click the direct links to each game or copy/paste any of the codes into the search bar on the Baamboozle site! Thank you, Amy!!

Download PDF • 112KB

Jeopardy Labs - play pre-made Jeopardy games searchable by theme or create your own! - play educational games sorted by grade such as reading comprehension and grammar games after signing up for a free teacher membership (which takes about 60 seconds!)

Glow Word Books - with free online MadLibs for kids, includes blanks where you can enter each word and then the website plugs them into the story automatically. - a variety of free card games, Chess, and Checkers

24/7 Checkers - free Checkers games including versions that have seasonal/holiday themes

Kahoot! - take pre-made quizzes on a huge variety of subjects, create your own, or have students create their own for peers to take!

National Geographic Kids - includes trivia quizzes, personality quizzes (ex: Which shark are you?), Funny Fill-Ins (like online MadLibs), and action/adventure games (most with animal/nature themes)

Visit my Freebie page (password appears instantly when you sign up for my mailing list) for access to over 200 green screen backgrounds, some of which include green screen board games!

Websites with Free and Paid Games

Boom Learning - interactive picture card decks and games designed by teachers and SLPs! Search by skill type (ex: plurals) and then sort by price low-to-high to find FREE cards/games targeting that skill. Note: Boom uses a point system where a price of 100 points corresponds roughly to $1. The more points you buy at once, the more money you save.

Teachers Pay Teachers - includes tons of digital resources and some sellers (like me!) have created digital games. Search "digital game" or "teletherapy game." You can also buy Boom card games on TpT instead of directly from Boom Learning.

Pink Cat Games - includes educational and open-ended games, some of which are free and others that require a subscription. Individual games can be purchased from Pink Cat Studio on Teachers Pay Teachers and then added to your account, similar to how Boom Learning works. You can also get an all-access membership for $39.99/year or $24.99/year for a more limited subscription.

Vocabulary Spelling City - educational games that can be customized by educators, most related to vocabulary, grammar, and spelling. Includes word lists that are aligned with curriculum. Some games are free but a premium membership ($69.95/year for a single teacher) unlocks additional content and allows data collection.

Quizzizz - take pre-made quizzes sorted by academic subject (ex: English Language Arts) or create your own! You can create standard quizzes or digital lessons that combine slides/media with quiz questions. Free to join but you can upgrade to the expanded version, Quizzizz Super for $5/month. Quizzizz Super removes ads and includes additional features like video and audio clips.

Spiffy Speech Digital Games

I have been hard at work creating a bunch of my own digital games. I love using these during my own teletherapy sessions (and my students love them too!) These include a mix of PowerPoint games and Boom card games. Not all games are pictured above but you can check out my full games collection here. You can also check out my Digital Games Bundle where you can get all games together for a discount! My top three most popular games include:

Plant Monster - features an animated monster that says, "Mwahaha" as well as built-in language activities/visuals. My kiddos request it over and over again.

Pretend Play - allows you to use scenes and images to work on compromising, asking/answering questions, and pretend play ideation VIRTUALLY. Great for social groups!

8 Board Games - includes 8 colorful, open-ended board games with different themes on Boom learning.

Wizard Exams - contains magical mini-games targeting a variety of language tasks like comparing/contrasting, identifying what doesn't belong, telling steps in a procedure, and more!

Paid Game Websites

Ultimate SLP - games specifically designed for SLPs to use during teletherapy sessions (ex: "What's wrong with this picture?" including /r/ words, decorate a Valentine's mailbox using final /s/ words). Games are searchable by skill type. Get a free 2-week trial (requires credit card) and then costs $12.95/month. Get a 10% discount by paying for an annual membership.

Simply Digital SLP Club - offers access to a growing library of digital materials for SLPs including PowerPoint games. Some games are editable so you can input your own words/pictures for students. Membership is $199/year.

LessonPix - create custom learning materials including games using tons of pictures/icons and ready-made game templates. The Sharing Center includes games created by other SLPs such as artic board games. Membership costs $36/year.

Super Duper Digital Library - library mainly includes digital books, worksheets, and card decks, but has some digital lotto games, open-ended game boards that can be paired with Super Duper card decks, and matching games. Access to the library costs $199.95/year or $19.99/month.

Please shoot me (@spiffyspeech) or Lucy (@the_speech_express) a message if you think there is anything we've forgotten that belongs on this list!

We hope that our resource lists help to cut down on your planning and that these games bring some fun to your sessions. Whether you're delivering services in person, virtually, or both, we hope that everyone is managing to stay safe and sane during this extra stressful back-to-school season. <3

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